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04 Pompona Vanilla Amazon Gourmet from Peru (from 1 Pod)

04 Pompona Vanilla Amazon Gourmet from Peru (from 1 Pod)

PriceFrom CHF10.00

Organic Vanilla Pompona Amazon Gourmet

Origin: Peru

Terroir: Barrio Huayco Tarapoto

Harvest: 2022

Curing: Hand or naturally pollinated, ripe and sun dried

Refining: > 6 to 12 months

DDM: 31.12.2025


The Vanilla Pompona from Peru develops an incomparable aromatic palette with singular notes of anis, maraschino and tobacco, very pronounced liquorice, coumarin, fresh tobacco leaf and wood notes with nut and red fruits flavours in the background. These three refining variantes of pompona are grown in the Barrio Huayco Tarapoto region of Peru under the canopy of the rainforest. It's a rare variety and limited production, mostly allocated to Chefs and Perfumers for their exclusive confections.


Beans measure from 16cm up to 24 cm for an average weight of 8g to 25g. A kilo is about 45 extra long gourmet beans 04A (XXL), about 63 oily gourmet beans04B  (xl), and about 125 traditional beans 04C.

Moisture: 25 to 40%

Vanillin: 0.988%

Alcool anisic: 0.350%

Packaging: 1 pod or more in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

Peru origin certified

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