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We wish to deliver only Premium Quality from the Agroforestry and understand that despite our rigorous inspection, nature at time has it own surprise. In any case, we will take care of your query and claim, and answer within the best timing. The Premium Quality Guarantee the refund or the free exchange of non-compliant goods at our cost. Simply follow the 3 steps below:

To be receivable: 
1- The claim must be made not later than 72 hours after delivery, 
2- The claim must be sent to us by email at,
3- The claim must be supported with a picture of the non-compliant goods.

Please note that in case of damage on the package or on the glass tubes, and does not concern non-compliants goods, the report must be directly made to the delivery service of the carrier (form CN24) with mention of any anomalies found on the package (damage, deterioration, leak, etc.) and on the goods if any, and a copy sent to Sylvanilla® within 72 hours by email at Since you benefit from a Premium Quality Guarantee, we will exchange the non-compliant goods free of charge. An exchange will be sent at the same address given in the original order within 5 weeks from the date of the claim or the reception date of the returned non-compliant goods. In all cases the non-compliant goods must be returned to us.


Despite mold vanilla pods are illegal to export - more over to sell - it recently became a common problem with inexperienced or dishonest exporters and sellers in America, Asia, and Europe. Some of the largest companies have been themselves perpetrators of such malpractices to get rid of their stocks.


If you find mold on vanilla pods, you are entitled to replacement or refund since it's non compliant goods ; and do not believe that they can be cleaned with alcohol. Moldy vanilla pods do not have enough mature flavor profile and not high enough vanillin content at the first place, and too much moisture and the mold will always regrow within the husk, skin, and plant matter.


Poor vanilla cultivars quality and cultivation malpractices, premature harvests, improper curing and refining methods, poor packing and shipping conditions, exposure to humidity and heat as well as warehouses poor storage conditions, has resulted in moldy vanilla scandals after taking on moisture in the stocks in transit from many buyers and producers in the past years.


In addition to vanilla farmers facing thefts inside their plantations, the export market also have to deal with many malicious buyers swapping foreign pods in order to attempt fraudulent returns. Every year there is vanilla seized by customs worldwide and these mold-bombs are driving the prices down to the bottom.


As a preventative measure, the returned beans are now lot-match checked, farm-pegged, or traditionally tattooed and tracked to ensure the returned pods are actually the same exported. Tracking technology and ISO standards have made it easier for vanilla professionals and, together with basic low-tech tattooing, are helping to eliminate mold problem as well as unscrupulous exporters and buyers.


In addition to a transparent exchange or refund policy, Sylvanilla® implement other alternatives and solutions which are part of our continuous improvement program, as the direct trade with agroforestry vanilla farmers, rigorous guidances for the selection of the vanilla pods, perfectly handled pollination - harvesting - preparation - curing and refining processes for each specie and variety, ban of chemicals, meticulous packing with most appropriate material, worldwide network of professional carriers, phytosanitary inspections and analysis before and after shipment, uv-treatment upon arrival, glass jars storage at constant temperature, and 28 days scrupulous monitoring before the finest gourmet vanilla pods are finally made available.


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