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50 Planifolia Vanilla Gourmet from Hawaii (from 2 Pods)

50 Planifolia Vanilla Gourmet from Hawaii (from 2 Pods)

PriceFrom 10,00 CHF
Pre-orders allow you to secure a quantity directly from the farmers when not immediately available in store, and are delivered within 1 to 5 weeks according your location.

Organic Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet

Origin: Hawaii

Terroir: Laie, O'ahu

Harvest: 2023

Curing: Scalded and sun dried

Affinage: >6 months

DDM: 31.12.2026


Hawaiin vanilla planifolia beans are some of the most profound vanilla beans on the market and quite rare to find in Europe. The beans are typically thick, dark brown or black, extremely aromatic, oily, and with an intriguing tropical fruits aroma and subtle hints of caramel that will enlighten your palate. Excellent in desserts as well as meat dishes, Chefs and Cheffes highly appreciate this vanilla for its rarity.


Beans measure +- 18 cm for an average weight of 4 g. A kilo is about 250 beans.

Moisture: 35%

Vanillin: +/- 2.2%

Packaging: 2 pods or more in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

Hawaiian origin certified

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