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Muscovado Vanilla Sugar

Muscovado Vanilla Sugar

PriceFrom CHF9.90

Muscovado Vanilla Sugar

Origins: Mauritius Light Muscovado Cane Sugar, Tanzania Planifolia Vanilla pods (250Gr/Kg) and Madagascar Vanilla Caviar (50Gr/Kg) 

We made this Muscovado Vanilla Sugar a true concentrate of the powerful and nuanced flavors of Africa. The journey begins in the eastward islands with the Muscovado sugar from Mauritius, distinguished by its slightly moist texture and its sweet notes of sugar cane, slightly caramelized, almost vanilla. Unlike most sugars, muscovado is not separated from its molasses; which gives it such a deep and captivating scent. It is a perfect replacement for refined white sugar and its texture is ideal for cookies and for making homemade caramels.


We then embark towards the West, direction Madagascar with the Bourbon vanilla caviar which accentuates the grain and the nuanced fruity flavors, before we join the continent to reach Tanzania where the amazing frosted vanilla pods from late harvests bring an absolute depth to the final bouquet with its woody and spicy aromas.


No additif whatsoever

Packaging: in glass jars of 100Gr net or in sachet of 300Gr.

DDM: 31.12.2026
Mauritius, Tanzania and Madagascar origins certified

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