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Les Vanilliers ® Vanilla Mills

Les Vanilliers ® Vanilla Mills


Les Vanilliers®  by Sylvanilla®    (Vanilla Mills)


The very essence of the Tanzanian Planifolia Vanilla in mills full of vanilla cuts, sometimes even crytsallised, offer you a unique taste experience, mixed with powerful aromas and exotic flavors. The Vanilla mills are ready to use and keep the vanilla flavours intact until the last bite. Added to cooking or sprinkled on savory dishes, the finely chiseled cuts reveal their powerful aromas with floral, fruity and spicy notes.


100% made of entire planifolia vanilla pods, some crystallised, finely chiseled, les Vanilliers® enhance your sweet and salty recipes with a little touch of pure vanilla to add a surprising visual and a flavoursome texture!


Tanzania Origin certified.

Contains no additives whatsoever.

Production: Freshly homemade and packed by hand

Packaging: Vanilla mills 18Gr. net.

DDM: 31.12.2026

Store away from air, light, humidity and temperature variations.

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