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31 Planifolia Vanilla Gourmet from India (from 2 Pods)

31 Planifolia Vanilla Gourmet from India (from 2 Pods)

PriceFrom CHF6.50

Organic Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet

Origin: India

Terroir: Malabar

Harvest: 2023

Curing: Scalded and sun dried

Affinage: +6 months

DDM: 31.12.2026


It is on the tropical coast of Malabar in India, which is home to some of the most beautiful tea and pepper plantations in the world, that the Planifolia vanilla agroforestry plantations are located. We choose them rather long, 19cm on average, and fleshy. Their colours varies from deep black to dark brown, and they have intense flavors and aromas reminiscent of the peppers and spices of the region. These are productions which have developed quite largely in recent years and whose quality very well rivals Planifolia Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar while being completely affordable. Another nice alternative to Bourbon Vanilla which enlarges again the diversity of the Vanilla terroirs.


Beans measure +- 19 cm for an average weight of 5g. A kilo is about 200 beans.

Moisture: +-35%

Vanillin: +-2%

Packaging: 2 pods or more in glass tubes or glass jars, or in sachets

India origin certified

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