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100 Gr. Vanilla beans Ground (epicarp + seeds)

100 Gr. Vanilla beans Ground (epicarp + seeds)

PriceFrom CHF35.80
100 Grams

Organic Vanilla Ground (epicarp + seeds)


100% made with entire Vanilla pods including the epicarp and the seeds, our Vanilla Grounds will surely add flavours in your cuisine. Our freshly homemade grounds are extremely aromatic and oily, with delicate fruity and spicy aromas, warm and creamy caramel, chocolate and butter notes. Enhance your sweet and salty recipes, or your coffee ground, with natural vanilla flavours and texture.


Origins certified.


Production: Freshly homemade (Pre-order if out of stock)

Packaging: Metal box or Vacuum bag 100 Gr. net. (available in 50 Gr. and by kg on demand)

DDM: 31.12.2026

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