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The Vanilla Cellar n° 8 "All about Vanilla"

The Vanilla Cellar n° 8 "All about Vanilla"


The Vanilla Cellar n° 8 "All about Vanilla"


The Vanilla Cellar n °8 is much more than a Vanilla Cellar, it is a true olfactory treasure that transports the senses to the heart of the mysteries of vanilla. Its surface, delicately patinated with vanilla extract, tells the story of this precious spice which has crossed the centuries and continents to delight taste buds around the world.



Inside, a true elixir is revealed. Vanilla pods of different species and refining methods, from agroforestry crops nestled in the heart of forests, promise unparalleled flavors and aromas. Each of these pods is the fruit of a terroir, the subtle marriage between fertile land and ancestral know-how.



The essence of vanilla is there, in all its richness and complexity, evoking distant memories and gourmet dreams. Each pod tells a story, revealing the subtle nuances of different vanilla species, and the distant lands where they grew and matured.



From the floral notes of Tahitensis vanilla from Taha'a, to the powerful aromas of fresh Planifolia vanilla from Réunion, each specimen transports your senses to exotic horizons. Pomona vanilla from Mexico offers a smooth and creamy experience, while its Planifolia captivates you with its cocoa intensity. The Cribbiana vanilla from Guatemala brings an exotic touch to this symphony of flavors with fruity notes. Finally, Schiede pompona vanilla from New Caledonia transports you to a completely different tropical paradise with a complex profile, rich in floral, fruity and spicy aromas. Each vanilla variety is a taste work of art, creating a sensory journey through different regions of the world.



At the heart of Vanilla Cellar No. 8, also a bottle of vanilla extract, whole vanilla pods powder, as well as a vanilla caviar 100% seeds, whose origins are up to you  to choose. Before closing, we slip inside a tasty little gift which will have the power to surprise you and transform any of your recipes into unforgettable gastronomic experience.



The Vanilla Cellar n°8 embodies the love for this exquisite spice, an ode to vanilla in all its forms. It encourages you to explore the delights of this natural treasure and to venture on a sensory journey to the four corners of the world, which will extend well beyond the first tasting.



Like a tribute to nature, tradition, and the love of taste, it is an invitation to explore the fascinating world of vanilla, to taste its different nuances, and to celebrate the magic of this enchanting spice. our senses for generations. It is a treasure to be cherished and shared with loved ones, a culinary journey that awakens the senses and awakens the soul.



* 10 Cl. Vanilla Extract of your choice

* 15 Gr. Vanilla Ground of your choice

* 12 Gr. Vanilla Beans "Caviar" (100% seeds) of your choice


* 2 Cribbiana Chesibik Vanilla from Guatemala

* 1 Pompona Vanilla from Mexico

* 6 Planifolia Vanilla from Mexico

* 1 Planifolia Vanilla Fresh from La Reunion IGP

* 1 Tahitensis Vanilla from Taaha, French Polynesia

* 1 Pompona Schiede from New Caledonia



12 Beans measuring from 8 to 18cm for an average weight of 4 to 18gr. Total weight +- 700 Gr.

Moisture: 30 to 40%

Vanillin: 1 to 2.6%

Packaging: 6 glass tubes, 1 glass bottle and 2 small jars nestled in a wooden coffret

DDM: 31.12.2026


Origins certified




At the heart of every culture lies a deep respect for tradition and the people who came before us. For many indigenous communities, their connection to the land and the natural resources it provides is a fundamental part of their identity. In hommage to the rich heritage to the world, we have chosen to name our Vanilla beans coffrets after the regions these communities call home to share a small piece of their cultural heritage with the world. In doing so, we hope to inspire others to learn more about one another, our ancestral cultures and traditions, and to celebrate the richness and diversity of our world's cultural heritage. After all, it is only by understanding and respecting the past that we can build a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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