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Éclats de Vanille Givrée from Tanzania

Éclats de Vanille Givrée from Tanzania

PriceFrom CHF9.90

Les "Éclats de Vanille Givrée" made of frosted planifolia vanilla pods from Tanzania


The very essence of the Tanzanian Planifolia Frosted Vanilla, in its shards of crystallized vanilla, offers you a unique taste experience, mixed with powerful aromas and exotic flavors. Finely chiseled, the Frosted Vanilla shards are ready to use and highly recommended on cold and frozen dishes in order to keep the vanillin crystals intact until the last bite.


Added to cooking or sprinkled on hot savory or sweet dishes, the crystals melt on the shards of pods to reveal their powerful aromas with floral, fruity and spicy notes.


100% made of entire frosted planifolia vanilla pods finely chiseled, our homemade "Éclats de Vanille Givrée" provide the intense flavours and aromas of the Tanzanian vanilla. Enhance your sweet and salty recipes with a little touch of pure vanillin crystals to add a surprising visual and flavoursome texture!


Tanzania Origin certified.

Contains no additives whatsoever.

Production: Freshly homemade

Packaging: Violet MIRON glass ® of 3Gr. / 7Gr., glass jar of 14Gr., and metal box of 50Gr. / 100Gr. net.

DDM: 31.12.2026


Biophotons are invisible light particles produced by living cells which increase vitality, prevent disease and even slow down the aging process. The patented biophotonic violet MIRON glass ® protects the biophotonic property of our Vanilla Caviar and prevents its biophotons from degrading, preserving its natural goodness and eliminating the need for preservatives. Formulated with special minerals, the biophotonic violet MIRON glass ® naturally supports nutrients and vital ingredients to keep their full potency, flavors, aromas, color and consistency intact.

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