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Tivoli & Balata, Fort de France, Martinique, FWI

Started Vanilla Plantation development to 1000 vines🌱 Subscription open

Young farmer at the head of Fit Bull Farmer in Fort de France Martinique, Yanne focuses on three crops, Coffee, Cocoa and Vanilla, in association with fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants from the typical Creole garden. Its plantations are in agroforestry and cover a total of ​​14 hectares in Tivoli and Balata.

Since its inception, many things have progressed and Yanne's Agro Touristic Farm project is slowly and surely taking shape. From 2018, a Cocoa plantation of around 400 trees has been growing in Tivoli, of which around thirty are already bearing their first pods. Two other Cacao plantations grow in Balata, one of which is over 550m above sea level. At the same time, 3 Vanilla plantations, one in Tivoli where 400 to 500 plants are growing, and two in Balata with a hundred plants growing, half of which are also over 550m above sea level. About the same amount of Coffee trees are growing on these same plantations, where the concept of crop association agrades the existing terroir and gives it a very specific identity.

Fit Bull Farmer has notably been honored on France Antilles and France TV in the program "meteo à la carte" and on France 3 TV. It is indeed a vast and promossing project comprising ecotourism, events and education together with agroforestry, which Yanne continiously invest in. As part of producer groups and organic farmers associations, Yanne also applies for European aid but relies above all on the fruits of his labor to enable the farm development, and on end consumers to make the difference, hence the crowd founding launches on Leetchi. With harvests looming on the horizon, the need for equipment and infrastructure facilitating access to plots and ensuring continuous production are essential to ensure the protection and sustainability of this agricultural heritage.

Fit Bull Farmer vanilla vines are already flowering, and hopefully the first refined vanilla beans from Martinique will soon be available! A little help will surely have a significant impact on the timing of the on-going development and you can contribute too

By participating to Tivoli and Balata' development crowdfunding 🌱

Also by subscribing to Tivoli and Balata' development program by Sylvanilla® 🌱

And buying Tivoli and Balata' Vanilla beans, when ready

It's growing it's blooming, and processing. Stay tuned!

To know more about Fit Bull Farmer :

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