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Rosehill, Bellevue Chopin, Commonwealth of Dominica

Started small Vanilla Plantation🌱 Subscriptions open

Located 550 meters above sea level, north of Bellevue Chopin on the slopes of Morne Anglais, Rosehill is a small estate high in Dominica’s southern hills, which was once surrounded by vaster estates growing citrus, cocoa, coffee, sugar cane and coconuts among other crops. Today, the area is a patchwork of small, still sustainable fields, orchards, and organic gardens. Rosehill is a rather windy and moderately rainy region, where the trees grow less tall than in the rainforest yet the temperatures remain relatively cool.

Here Shawn alone cultivates a few vanilla vines among a large variety of organic herbs and vegetables, avocado, papaya, guava, orange, citrus, as well as ginger and cane. The small vanilla plantation started in 2021 with few Planifolia vines and develop with new cuttings. Some more cane are soon to be planted in order to process a vaster range of organic refined products like juices, sirops and oils.

Rosehill Vanilla plantation is still young and don't produce yet, but with just a little help it can easily grow into a promising vanilleraie at this altitude. Shawn is already quite talented in farming and refining organic, and he has all the patience it takes. A little help on the road to the farm would be essential to facilitate the access and you may contribute to better work conditions by

Participating to Rosehill' development program by Sylvanilla 🌱

By Buying Rosehill Vanilla Beans, in due time

It's growing still ...

And soon, above will be the link to Rosehill crowdfunding program🌱 Thank you for your support and stay tuned

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