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Laudat, Commonwealth of Dominica

On-going Vanilla Plantation development to 2 hectares 🌱🌱 Subscriptions open

Laudat is a small village in the center of the Nature Island of Waitukubuli, Dominica, located between 3 mountains: Morne Watt, Morne Micotrine (Morne Mackak), and Morne Trois Pitons., and is referred to as a "gateway" because it is the sole entry point to many of the islands sights, including the Boiling Lake, Fresh Water Lake, and Titou Gorge. Perched about 1200 feet above sea level Laudat has a cool climate and views of the Caribbean Sea. The air is often misty and cool - a change from the heat of lower-lying areas. The road to Laudat used to be a hair-raising ride up the mountains, around blind hairpin turns with sharp drop-offs into the rainforest jungle canopy, which receives some of the highest rainfalls in the Caribbean.

Right in the middle of this heavenly jungle, Nahjie lives together with his family and grows the organic Planifolia vanilla vines, among other fruits, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs, which started at least 70 years ago with his father. His plan is to continuously develop the organic Vanilla plantation and to cultivate 2 hectares of organic vines by the end of 2023.

Nahjie' Planifolia Vanilla beans are already available in the online Vanilla Beans Shop, in limited quantity. With a little help and support Laudat plantation could easily double the amount of refined vanilla beans by 2024 already !

To make it happens you can participate to Laudat' development program by Sylvanilla® 🌱

You can also buy Laudat' Vanilla beans from the limited production

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