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X08 Tahitensis Canoa Vanilla (Extraction) from Ecuador (by kg)

X08 Tahitensis Canoa Vanilla (Extraction) from Ecuador (by kg)

PrixÀ partir de 525,00 CHF

Organic Vanilla Tahitensis Canoa Extraction (by kg)

Origin: Ecuador

Terroir: Canoa

Harvest: 2022

Curing: Scalded and dried

Affinage: >6 months

DDM: 31.12.2025


Vanilla Tahitensis from Ecuador are thiner and more or less brownish to black vanilla pods. Relatively flat pods that are a little less fleshy but with a wide aromatic palette. Notes are strongly chocolaty, warm and powerful yet subtle, persistent, and spicy in the background. This vanilla has diverse and subtle flavours for discerning gourmets.


Beans measure +- 18cm for an average weight of 4g. A kilo is about 250 beans.

Moisture: 30%

Vanillin: +/- 1%

Packaging: in 1kg uv-airbag

Ecuador origin certified


Price *FOB (without transport). **DAP (with transport) and ***DDP (with transport + import duty) prices are confirmed at the time of order as per actual transportation cost.

For order above 30 kg please send us your request by email at

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