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51 Chamissonis Vanilla Gourmet from French Guiana (from 1Pod)

51 Chamissonis Vanilla Gourmet from French Guiana (from 1Pod)

PrixÀ partir de 119,00 CHF

Organic Vanilla Chamissonis Gourmet *** A COLLECTOR ! ***

Origin: French Guiana

Terroir: Atlantic Forest

Harvest: 2023

Curing: steamed and dried

Refining: >9 months

DDM: 31.12.2026


The Vanilla Chamissonis, a unique and very singular vanilla specie, a collector and one of the largest vanilla pod, fleshy and oily, with notes of ripe fruits, anis and maraschino, very pronounced liquorice, coumarin, fresh tobacco leaf and wood undertones, buttery and floral flavours in the background. These specie is so rare, it's another fabulous gift of the nature and few farmers only will spot it in the wild and sometimes cultivate it under the canopy of the atlantic ocean tropical forest. It's another limited production, allocated to Cheffes and Chefs for exceptionals creations.


Pods measure +- 14cm to 17cm for up to 4cm large and an average weight of 30g. A kilo is about 33 beans.

Moisture : +-55%

Vanillin:    %

Alcool anisic:   %

Packaging: 1 pod in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

French Guiana origin certified

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