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X49 Tahitensis Haapape Vanilla Gourmet from Raia'tea, French Polynesia (by kg)

X49 Tahitensis Haapape Vanilla Gourmet from Raia'tea, French Polynesia (by kg)

PriceFrom CHF1,260.00

Organic Vanilla Tahitensis Haapape Gourmet (by kg)

Origin & Terroir: Raiatea, French Polynesia

Harvest: 2022

Curing: Ripe, washed and sun dried

Affinage: >9 months

DDM: 31.12.2025


Cultivated in a reasoned way in French Polynesia, the Tahitensis Haapape vanilla varieties are harvested mature on the vines, washed and dried, before they are put in the sun for a few hours every day for at least 5 months. The pods are then massaged, calibrated and refined with great expertise. That's why Tahitensis species from Polynesia are so renowned for their exceptional aromas and unique flavors, distinguishing them from the more commonly known Vanilla planifolia variety.


Raiatea Tahitensis Haapape vanilla beans are longer again, well thick and oily with a glossy dark brown colour. Their size vary between 18 to 22 cm and average weight is about 12g. The aroma is delicate, warm, and sweet with notes of gingerbread and prunes. The most singular of vanillas by its appearance and unique aroma, recommended for gourmets. Powerful flavour, although more expensive it is nevertheless more economical since one Tahitensis Haapape bean can represent the equivalent of three Planifolia.


Beans measure +- 21 cm for an average weight of 12 g. A kilo is about 83 beans.

Moisture: 59.5%

Vanillin: +- 0.8%

Packaging: in 1kg uv-airbag

Raiatea origin certified


Price *FOB (without transport). **DAP (with transport) and ***DDP (with transport + import duty) prices are confirmed at the time of order as per actual transportation cost. For order above 4 kg please send us your request by email at

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