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46 Tahitensis Tahiti Vanilla Gourmet from Taha'a, French Polynesia (from 1 Pod)

46 Tahitensis Tahiti Vanilla Gourmet from Taha'a, French Polynesia (from 1 Pod)

PriceFrom CHF11.00

Organic Vanilla Tahitensis Tahiti Gourmet

Origin & Terroir: Taha'a, French Polynesia

Harvest: 2023

Curing: Ripe, washed and sun dried

Refining: >9 months

DDM: 31.12.2026


Cultivated in a reasoned way in French Polynesia, the Tahitensis Tahiti vanilla species are harvested mature on the vines, washed and dried, before they are put in the sun for a few hours every day for at least 5 months. The pods are then massaged, calibrated and refined with great expertise. That's why Tahitensis vanilla species from Polynesia are so renowned for their exceptional aromas and unique flavors, distinguishing them from the more commonly known Vanilla planifolia variety.


Tahitensis Tahiti vanilla pods from Taha'a are a little shorter yet fleshy, thick, and oily with a glossy dark brown colour, with great aromatic richness from jasmine to cherry stone. Taha'a Tahitensis vanilla have their own delicate, floral fragrance, with hints of cherry, almond, and an exotic touch of sweet, ripe fruit, with more subtle aroma that is often described as being reminiscent of tropical flowers and a gentle, creamy sweetness. In terms of flavor, Taha'a Tahitensis vanilla offer a complex and nuanced profile. They possess a rich, creamy taste with fruity undertones of cherry, pineapple, and even hints of mango. The flavor is delicate allowing it to harmoniously blend with a wide range of culinary creations. Whether in desserts, beverages, or savory dishes, Taha'a vanilla pods add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any recipe, enhancing the overall taste experience.


Beans measure +- 14 cm for an average weight of 5g. A kilo is about 200 beans.

Moisture: 55%

Vanillin: +- 1%

Packaging: 1 pod or more in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

Taha'a origin certified

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