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43 Pompona Schiede Vanilla Gourmet from Karikouié New Caledonia (from 1 Pod)

43 Pompona Schiede Vanilla Gourmet from Karikouié New Caledonia (from 1 Pod)

PriceFrom CHF16.00

Organic Vanilla Pompona Schiede Gourmet

Origin: New Caledonia

Terroir: Païta, Haute Karikouié (Julien Pascal)

Harvest: 2022

Curing: ripe and sun dried

Refining: > 9 months

DDM: 31.12.2025


New Caledonia's lush tropical terroir, with its volcanic soil and perfect climate, nurtures this exceptional Pompona Schiede vanilla pods. These pods are a symphony of flavors and aromas, boasting balsamic, licorice, and buttery notes harmoniously intertwined with floral anised hints, the sweetness of banana and ripe apples, and delicate traces of blond tobacco. This unique terroir imparts a truly exquisite character to this vanilla variety, making it a culinary gem sought after by connoisseurs worldwide.


This is in the undergrowth of New Caledonia that Julien Pascal passionately cultivates and transforms two species of exceptional vanilla, the Planifolia and Pompona Schiede. As a vanilla enthusiast, Julien Pascal also trains local planters on the island and today produces one of the best vanillas in the world, the fruit of a perfectly handled cultivation, a patiently developed transformation process, and a maturation period lasting over a year.


Julien Pascal commitment to sustainable farming practices and meticulous care in nurturing the Pompona Schiede vanilla pods has earned him recognition among experts and enthusiasts alike. Through his expertise and passion, he becomes a guardian of New Caledonia's rich terroir, ensuring that each vanilla pod carries the authentic flavors and aromas that make this region's vanilla truly exceptional.


Beans measure +- 10 cm for an average weight of 8g. A kilo is about 130 beans.

Moisture: 35%

Vanillin: +/- 1%

Packaging: 1 pod or more in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

New Caledonia origin certified

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