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14 Planifolia Vanilla Givrée from Bretagne (from 2 Pods)

14 Planifolia Vanilla Givrée from Bretagne (from 2 Pods)

PriceFrom CHF27.00

Organic Vanilla Planifolia givrée

Origin: France

Terroir: Bretagne

Harvest:  2023

Curing: Ripe and sun dried

Affinage: > 6 months

DDM: 31.12.2026


It's in the Breton terroir, located by the sea and extending onto the Atlantic ocean, characterized by a temperate oceanic climate generally less conducive to the cultivation of vanilla vines than tropical regions, that underground cultivation techniques have made it possible to cultivate and refine this extra frosty vanilla.


The secret lies in creating an appropriate microclimate to mimic the necessary tropical conditions. This feat is the achievement of local farmers and passionate producers, who by recreating the ideal tropical conditions for growing vanilla, manage to produce vanilla pods of exceptional quality.


Cultivated in unitilized greenhouses rehabilitated for experimental purposes, this exceptional vanilla is the fruit of the know-how of enthusiasts in the region. The unique climatic conditions of Brittany, combined with innovative growing techniques, give Vanille Givrée de Bretagne a delicately floral aromatic profile, with subtle notes of fruit and undergrowth.


The notes of the terroir, associated with the geography, soil and specific climate of the region are very present and influence the taste and aroma, giving it a unique touch, very different from vanilla from tropical regions. They present delicate floral aromas due to the controlled conditions which favor pollination and growth, subtle fruity notes such as nuances of red fruits and tropical fruits, as well as woody notes which balance and bring roundness and depth to the aromatic bouquet.


Givrée Vanilla from Brittany is a real game changer, in addition to being a taste marvel from organic crops, it offers so many opportunities for exchange regarding the discoveries made grace to monitored culture that can also benefit the global community of vanilla growers in the long term, opening new perspectives for the sustainable production of the precious fruit.


Treat yourself to a unique taste experience with extra Frosted Vanilla pods, a Breton aromatic treasure that is already seducing taste buds around the world.



* Vanillin crystals is the natural end expression of the benzenoid crystal that matures inside the pod. Within properly cured vanilla pods vanillin functions as an important conservative, and its content should be high enough before curing and refining in order to stimulate natural immune resistance to mold and create delicious dark fragrant vanilla smell and flavours.


Vanillin crystals are a natural concentrate and a sign of excellent quality of the vanilla pods. You can recognise them as they shine in the light and look like white spines or literally shiny sharp glass-like tiny “diamonds” of vanilla, such as the THC residue on excellent marijuana plants.


When vanilla pods have this high vanillin content they can be kept for years under excellent storage condition, in glass tubes or glass jars well protected from light. Crystalline beans also have an amazing and powerful smell and tend to dry out over time so the smell and flavor packs into the plant matter but does not diffuse aromatically through the air without interaction or extraction. The flavor literally soaks deep into the skin and seeds and retains inside the pod.


Beans measure +- 20 cm for an average weight of 5 gr. A kilo is about 200 beans.

Moisture: +- 28%

Vanillin: +- 4%

Packaging: 2 pods or more in glass tubes or glass jar or in sachets

Bretagne, France origin certified

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