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07 Planifolia Vanilla Gourmet from Costa Rica (from 2 Pods)

07 Planifolia Vanilla Gourmet from Costa Rica (from 2 Pods)

PriceFrom CHF3.00

Organic Planifolia Vanilla Gourmet

Origin: Costa Rica

Terroir: Alajuela Province

Harvest: 2022

Curing: Scalded and sun dried

Affinage: >6 months

DDM: 31.12.2025


Distinguished by smaller flowers and beans, the contents of aromatic compounds measured in the cured Planifolia beans also show that despite it belong to Planifolia specie, this vanilla distinct itself notably by the presence of anisic compounds and low phenolic compounds content, notably vanillin. Costa-Rica Planifolia possess more distinct earthy aromatic precursors and develops similar flavours to those of Vanilla Pompona. Because of their particular aromatic profil, we will surely follow the development of this Costarican Vanilla specie, which culture started quite recently and is already promising.


Pods measure +/- 14 cm for an average weight of 2.5g. A kilo is about 400 beans.

Moisture: +/- 30%

Vanillin: +/- 1%

Packaging: 2 pods or more in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

Costa Rica origin certified

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