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Vanilla Extract n° 1 Guyana Pompona

Vanilla Extract n° 1 Guyana Pompona

PriceFrom CHF12.90
1 Liter

Vanilla Extract n° 1 


100% Homemade Vanilla Extract made of 3 organic ingredients :

  • Pompona Grandiflora from french Guyana (400 Gr./L)
  • Pure Cane juice fermented into alcohol (40°)
  • Our secret ingredient from tropical rainforests (1 bean / 5L)


This one year old super extra Vanilla Extract, containing not less than 400 grams of whole vanilla pods per liter, provide the most powerful aromas of ripe fruit and coumarin from Pompona vanilla, and a final bouquet of floral notes that will captivate gourmet's palates.


Production: August 2022 & March 2024 (Pre-order)

DDM: 10 years and more

Contains no sugar and additives whatsoever.

Packaging: Violet MIRON glass bottle ® 10cl or glass jar of 30ml, 60ml, 15 cl. and 1 L. net.


Biophotons are invisible light particles produced by living cells which increase vitality, prevent disease and even slow down the aging process. The patented biophotonic violet MIRON glass ® protects the biophotonic property of our Vanilla Extracts and prevents its biophotons from degrading, preserving its natural goodness and eliminating the need for preservatives. Formulated with special minerals, the biophotonic violet MIRON glass ® naturally supports nutrients and vital ingredients to keep their full potency, flavors, aromas, color and consistency intact.

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