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Maple roasted Sesame ~ Vanilla and Tonka

Maple roasted Sesame ~ Vanilla and Tonka


Maple Roasted Sesame ~ Vanilla and Tonka beans


Discover the smooth and refined flavor of roasted sesame, with sweet pieces of fresh vanilla (sometimes frosted) and the captivating scent of tonka bean. To enhance your most refined dishes or for simple indulgence, make room for real vanilla. Enriched with pure and concentrated extract (400g/L) of Tahitensis vanilla from Tahiti and sprinkled with fragments of fresh Planifolia vanilla from Reunion Island (IGP), it is a gem to enjoy with foie gras, on a bar or a turbo, as much as on sweet dishes like rice pudding to which it adds texture and an appetizing appearance.


Net Weight: 90 Gr.

Packed by hand in metal box by Sylvanilla

Made in Normandie by Oranessence

DDM: 31.12.2024


Ingredients: roasted white SESAME (organic), maple sugar (organic), muscovado vanilla syrup 4% (water, unrefined muscovado sugar, Madagascar vanilla, lemon juice), natural Tahitian vanilla extract 2% ( Tahitian vanilla extract 400g/liter, sucrose), tonka bean, grade A maple syrup (organic), pieces of fresh Reunion vanilla 1.6% (organic 16g/kg).


Nutritional values: For 100g (equivalent to 2 cans): 624.58 kcal (kj 2588.5g); lipids: 49.41g (including saturated fatty acids 7.29g); carbohydrates: 23.34g (including sugars 13.44g); fiber: 9.72g; protein: 16g; salt: 0.09g.


100% natural: without additives, without colorings, without preservatives, non-GMO and non-irradiated.

Allergen: Sesame

Storage: keep away from humidity and heat.

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