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Les Crêpes bretonnes à la Vanille

Les Crêpes bretonnes à la Vanille

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Les véritables Crêpes bretonnes à la Vanille


If there is one essential among flambée and soufflée, it is this great classic of French cuisine! Homemade with the real traditional batter recipe, flavoured with a hint of vanilla givrée, flambée with rum or grand Marnier and sautéed in a cast iron pan.


2 variantes:

~ Flambée with Rum Agricole or Grand Marnier ~

~ Lemon, cassonade & butter ~


Ingredients: Organic wheat flour*, butter*, milk* and eggs* from  Switzerland, organic brown sugar from South America, organic cider from Brittany or agricole rum from French West Indies or grand Marnier from Yvelines, organic planifolia vanilla beans from Guadeloupe or tahitensis vanilla beans from Polynesia, organic lemon from Italy, water and salt from Switzerland.


* Allergens


Packed by 2 or more in organic plate sealed in vacuum bag.

DDM: best within 2 days from delivery day

Freshly homemade ! (Thank you to pre-order at least 24h in advance)

  • Fast delivery by early morning with Swiss-Express “Moon”: parcels delivered to the recipient the next day by 9 a.m. Place your order 24 hours in advance.

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