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Grow Vanilla with us ッ

Grow Vanilla with us ッ

5,00 CHFPrice
Price Options
* Weekly
* e-book pdf format 1.2GB + 10% off coupon + Vanilla pod(s)
CHF5.00every week until canceled
* Monthly
* e-book pdf format 1.2GB + 10% off coupon + Vanilla pod(s)
CHF5.00every month until canceled
10% off coupon + Vanilla pod(s)
CHF5.00every year until canceled
One-time purchase
5,00 CHF

Contribute to environmental, social and economic benefits by subscribing to Agroforestry Farms development' programs and empower independent organic farmers who grow Vanilla🌱 in Agroforestry 🌴🌿


Choose the Vanilleraie(s) among the Agroforestry Farms and the development program of your choice. This will help the farmers to cultivate new Vanilla vines on existing trees in agroforestry, and from Sylvanilla® you will receive the finest organic Vanilla pods from the vanilleraie(s) you are helping to grow. One vanilla pod per increment will be sent directly to your address as soon as it's ready to ship and the tracking number sent to your email the day of shipment, with 10% off coupon valid one year on our website.


Season after season you'll be able to follow up the changes and developments of all the vanilleraies, including the ones you are helping to grow, and you'll be among the first to enjoy the gourmet vanilla pods from these farms.


Subscription start at 5-CHF and you are free to participate up to the amount you wish (per 5-CHF increment x quantity = total amount), and to subscribe yearly, monthly*, weekly*, or one time only.


* And that's not all ッ with monthly and weekly subscriptions we offer in bonus the e-book: "Encyclopedie Biologique, XLVI. Le Vanillier et la Vanille dans le monde" G. Bouriquet, R. Heim, M. Guillaume. Editions P. Lechevalier 1954 (Pdf format 1.2GB +800 pages in French)

  • Please note that each subscription plan, whether one time, monthly or yearly, is individually purchased and cannot be added into the cart. If you wish to subscribe to 2 or more vanilleraies development plans you may place each order individually.

  • By email you receive the 10% off coupon valid 1 year on the website + the estimated date of shipment of your Vanilla pods according to your subscription + the e-book* with the weekly and monthly subscriptions.

    By post you receive every year the first harvested Vanilla pods from the farms you help to grow, as soon as the Vanilla pods are ready to export.

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