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23B Planifolia Vanilla Fraîche Vanille Bleue® from La Réunion (from 1 Pod)

23B Planifolia Vanilla Fraîche Vanille Bleue® from La Réunion (from 1 Pod)

PriceFrom CHF16.50

Organic Gourmet Fraiche Vanilla Planifolia (Vanille Bleue®)

Origin: Reunion island

Terroir: Saint-Philippe (Plantation Escale Bleue)

Harvest: 2022

Curing: Ripe and sun dried

Affinage: > 24 months

DDM: 31.12.2027


Reunion Island is most probably the most advanced when it comes to refining vanilla and the first to study and apply different refining methods, notably to keep the fermentation process going on to produce an extra fresh vanilla, 100% edible, that will keep on developing flavours, fragrances and aromas with age. This vanilla  was refined for 2 years up to 6 years for the Supreme and is much richer in essential oil with stronger and powerful fragrances and aromas, which  requires much less quantities compare to other planifolia beans. The Vanille Bleue ® brevet certifies that the vanilla is grown and processed by Escale Bleue in La Réunion. The beans are typically thick, dark brown or black, extremely aromatic, oily, with supple fruity aromas and caramel notes. Excellent in desserts as well as meat dishes, notably duck and lamb, these beans are better incorporated at the very last stage of cooking since it's almost candied and entirely edibles exactly as it. Chefs and Cheffes highly appreciate this fresh vanilla for these unique properties and for its rarity.


Beans measure from 12 to 20 cm for an average weight of 4g to 6g.

Moisture: +-40%

Vanillin: +- 3.9%

Packaging: 1 pod or more in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

La Reunion island origin certified (Vanille Bleue®)

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