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100Gr. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans Powder (epicarp)

100Gr. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans Powder (epicarp)

100 Grams

Madagascar Organic Vanilla Bourbon beans Powder (epicarp)


100% made of the epicarp of the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla pods only (without the seeds), our Vanilla Powder will surely add flavours in your cuisine.


This freshly homemade powder is aromatic with delicate fruity and spicy aromas, warm and creamy caramel, chocolate and butter notes. Enhance your sweet and salty recipes, or your coffee ground, with natural vanilla flavours and texture.


Madagascar Origin Certified.


Production: Freshly homemade (Pre-order if out of stock)

Packaging: Metal box or Violet MIRON glass ® 100 Gr. net. (also available by 50 Gr. and by Kg)

DDM: 31.12.2026


Biophotons are invisible light particles produced by living cells which increase vitality, prevent disease and even slow down the aging process. The patented biophotonic violet MIRON glass ® protects the biophotonic property of our Vanilla Ground and prevents its biophotons from degrading, preserving its natural goodness and eliminating the need for preservatives. Formulated with special minerals, the biophotonic violet MIRON glass ® naturally supports nutrients and vital ingredients to keep their full potency, flavors, aromas, color and consistency intact.

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