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X32 Planifolia Vanilla Givrée from Taïwan (by kg)

X32 Planifolia Vanilla Givrée from Taïwan (by kg)

PrixÀ partir de 704,00 CHF

Organic Planifolia Vanilla givrée (by kg)

Origin: Taïwan

Terroirs: Taoyuan, HsinChu, Puli

Harvest: 2022

Curing: ripe and sun dried

Refining: > 9 months

DDM: 31.12.2025


This one is another incredible Planifolia Vanilla - a little less known - coming from Taiwan with exceptional aromatic qualities, high vanillin content and diamonds shaped crystals*.


The Taiwanese Planifolia Vanilla Flavors are so rich, creamy, and sweet, also characterized by buttery notes, it's a perfect addition to desserts like ice cream, custards, and pastries. A subtle sweetness with hints of floral undertones, also contribute to the complexity of the intensely aromatic profile. When you open the pod the scent is instantly recognizable and alluring, warm and sweet, with strong vanilla notes and subtle hints of spice adding depth to the overall scent profile.


With its combination of rich flavors, captivating aromas and powerful scents, these crystallised Vanilla are a gem in culinary delight as in fragrances.


* Vanillin crystals is the natural end expression of the benzenoid crystal that matures inside the pod. Within properly cured vanilla pods vanillin functions as an important conservative, and its content should be high enough before curing and refining in order to stimulate natural immune resistance to mold and create delicious dark fragrant vanilla smell and flavours. Vanillin crystals are a natural concentrate and a sign of excellent quality of the vanilla pods.


You can recognise them as they shine in the light and look like white spines or literally shiny sharp glass-like tiny “diamonds” of vanilla, such as the THC residue on excellent marijuana plants.


When vanilla pods have this high vanillin content they can be kept for years under excellent storage condition, in glass tubes or glass jars well protected from light. Crystalline beans also have an amazing and powerful smell and tend to dry out over time so the smell and flavor packs into the plant matter but does not diffuse aromatically through the air without interaction or extraction. The flavor literally soaks deep into the skin and seeds and retains inside the pod.


Beans measure +- 20 cm for an average weight of 4g. A kilo is about 250 beans.

Moisture: 28%

Vanillin: +/- 3%

Packaging: in 1kg uv-airbag

Taïwan origin certified


Price *FOB (without transport). **DAP (with transport) and ***DDP (with transport + import duty) prices are confirmed at the time of order as per actual transportation cost.For order above 10 kg please send us your request by email at

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