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56A Planifolia Gourmet Vanilla "Cured on Vines" from Timor-Leste (from 2 pods)

56A Planifolia Gourmet Vanilla "Cured on Vines" from Timor-Leste (from 2 pods)

PrixÀ partir de CHF9.00

Organic Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet (Vanilla harvested at 15 months and naturally cured on vines )

Origin: Timor-Leste

Terroir: Ermera

Harvest: 2024

Curing: Harvested at 15 months natutally cured on vines

Affinage: 6 months

DDM: 31.12.2027


The Planifolia Vanilla from Timor-Leste became extremely rare due to the lack of sourcing and distribution resource, mostly human resource. One big buyer so far was purchasing the green Vanilla pods, not yet cured and refined, to have full laverage on price at the detriment of the farmers. Early 2024 we have been called by MDF to go there and give guidance to the farmers in order to cure and refine the Vanilla pods and empower Timor-Leste community of agroforestry farmers. We are back with a selection of Ermera village Vanilla, and among our selection are those very special Vanilla pods which were harvested in June 2024, after 15 months ripening and naturally cured on the vines.


The results is a more complex aromatic profile with notes of ripe fruits and spices, fresh cocoa  and roasted coffee, a little tobacco aroma and the woody note very distinctive from the teak wood box used to refine and store the vanilla pods. We will start to deliver the first Timor-Leste naturally cured Vanilla pods as of July 4th 2024 on the Fiirabigmarkt Horgen market, and you may already order online from the limited quantity available. Pre-order will also be available as soon as the current limited stock runs out.


Pods measure from 16 to 18 cm for an average weight of 5g. A few pods might be naturally splitted due to late harvest. A kilo is about 200 beans.

Moisture: 35% 

Vanillin: +-     %

Packaging: 2 pods or more in glass tubes or glass jars or in sachets

Timor-Leste origin certified

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